Death By Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga

Norway’s hottest garagerockers at the moment hail from the forests of rural Østfold and are a study in style, energy and the deepest depths of garage rock dogmatics. Unforgettable. A gang from Moss/Oslo, Norway. The new breed of norwegian garage/beat/psychedelic. Inspired by a fascination for 60's music and culture, wild fuzz, freaks, intoxication, Roky Erickson, love songs, church burnings, Joe Meek, dancing, beat, mod, The Sonics, Moss(the city), boots, Brian Jones, Northern Soul, Gaahl.. Read more on

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7 - 11 Agosto 2018

Oslo, Norway

13 Agosto 2016
Hora não definida

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P3 Christine Live: Death By Unga Bunga "Fight"