Ananda - Festival of Bliss
Ananda - Festival of Bliss

About this festival


This four-day spiritual journey is for you who believe in a kinder and more connected way of living.

Ananda - Festival of Bliss is a revolutionary festival where we together co-create a thriving community.

By nurturing ourselves and our environment,we grow from within and as a whole .

The festival is an invitation for getting to know what Ananda Marga is all about, as well as a chance to contribute with your own presence and art form. While you are here you have an opportunity to experience meditation, kiirtan, yoga, satvik food, live music, art performances, nature immersion and much more!

Ananda - Festival of Bliss is a gathering of seekers from all walks of life, creating a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of who you are or where you are from..

Our ongoing path is to bring about renewed consciousness through our activities and lecture series offered where we hope to raise knowledge about the state of the world that we live in. We honour our belief that we are all coming and going to and from the same source, and thus are all intrinsically connected.

We believe that Ananda - Festival of Bliss is able to show you that we are one big family of beings, no matter our differences. We want to offer you a chance to let yourself go and invite new possibilities into your life.

We give you a chance to honour yourself with deliciously wholesome vegetarian and vegan food, stretching and unwinding with daily yoga classes and experience the power of kiirtan. Dive deep into meditation , listen to carefully selected music and witness or participate in acts of art and performance.

We hope to touch you in some way, and together feel harmony, sisterhood and love. In a way we could call it a “retreat festival” where we ultimately create a stronger and deeper relationship between each other and our surrounding. – and simply feel the natural state of bliss.


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