About this festival

The party is a fundamental element of human culture, since it is through the party that We celebrate our origins. It is through the celebration that we undertake the pursuit of what is different, of the alterity from everyday things, of the moment in which social impositions and hierarchies cease to exist and a new set of norms is established. It is the upheaval of the common social living and the apparent inversion of the constitutive values of our society that our celebration leads to, fostering the discovery of the original, fundamental values of each human being and his relationship with Nature, his counterparts, and himself.
A collective ritual which falls outside the ‘human’ concept of time, generating a new, ‘divine’ one, with newly established norms and rules that are the reverse of those imposed by the daily life of modern societies.
It’s time to turn the page. It’s time to celebrate. It’s the time of Atlas.


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