Zamárdi, Hungary

22 - 26 August 2018

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  • B.my.Lake is an electronic music festival in Zamardi, Hungary. The country's number one dance music destination, the festival is anchored by its prolific techno lineup.

    Delving into other electronic genres as well, B.my.Lake takes place on the shores of the serene Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe.

    Winning best new festival in Europe in 2013, B.my.Lake has since been nominated for a number of awards and is dream experience for party animals.


    B.My.Lake Neti Neti
    B.My.Lake Alessandro Scarabelli
    B.My.Lake Miguel Pinto
    B.My.Lake Elliott Rs
    B.My.Lake Pedro Correia
    B.My.Lake Dominik Doman Tomczak
    B.My.Lake Angyal István
    B.My.Lake János Galát
    B.My.Lake Antonio Panevski

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