Crysalis: Ritualium Sui
Crysalis: Ritualium Sui

About this festival

CRYSALIS Rituals Sui
Religions are all perfect for the one who created them. The only mistake is to believe that they can be good for many, absurd wanting that they are accepted by everyone.

Religion has rarely existed as a healthy phenomenon. It only happens when a Buddha, a Christ, or a Kabir walk on the Earth; otherwise, religion is a pathology, a disease, a neurosis. Whoever has realized religion through his being has a totally different understanding from those who imitate others, he has no understanding. Truth can not be imitated, it is original, and to reach it, you must go into the Unknown. There is a risk that you may lose, you may never return, you may lose control; you could even go crazy. But when all the boundaries are dissolved and every fiber of your being vibrates and pulses you become an ocean, you are simply lost. And in that moment of orgasm you have the first glow of the divine, of satori, of samadhi, of nirvana, and that is where love is born.

Visionary Art Community offers you a new and exciting journey through ancient and new rituals, including shamans and sorcerers ... where the mind does not exist and leaves room for the spirit.


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