Dancefestopia Tyler Runge
Dancefestopia Todd Michael
Dancefestopia Nathaniel Rhymer
Dancefestopia Wayne Doughty
Dancefestopia Patrícia Faria
Dancefestopia Blanca Hernandez
Dancefestopia Philip Butler
Dancefestopia Brandon Stiles
Dancefestopia Ty Balcombe
Dancefestopia Mary Ivelin Mercado
Dancefestopia Luke Looney
Dancefestopia Miranda Bator
Dancefestopia Claudia Young
Dancefestopia Kayola Markey
Dancefestopia Jade Petersen
Dancefestopia Amber Chaunta Lowe
Dancefestopia Theresa Marie
Dancefestopia Alissa Rogge
Dancefestopia Lauren Naden
Dancefestopia Lori Birk
Dancefestopia Ana Ramos
Dancefestopia Axel Fires
Dancefestopia Em Kat
Dancefestopia Joe Loud
Dancefestopia Stephen Lewis
Dancefestopia Dylan Scott
Dancefestopia Briana Civic
Dancefestopia Jessica Izze
Dancefestopia Emily L. McArthur
Dancefestopia Fonzi Relle
Dancefestopia Brianna Sanders
Dancefestopia Josie Dean
Dancefestopia Drew Ramsay
Dancefestopia Dan Sundgren
Dancefestopia Adrianna Reneé Darden
Dancefestopia Ariana Williams
Dancefestopia Josh Lee
Dancefestopia Stephenie Santana
Dancefestopia Katy Davis
Dancefestopia Gracie Ball
Dancefestopia Jeremy Dalton Page
Dancefestopia Josh Albers
Dancefestopia Zamore Jordan
Dancefestopia Ashley Pe'a
Dancefestopia Cristian Dior
Dancefestopia Becky Taggart-Richardson
Dancefestopia Kurt Brommer
Dancefestopia Keri Wagner
Dancefestopia Андрей Берн
Dancefestopia Rachel Long
Dancefestopia Alyson Commons
Dancefestopia Stephen Holt

About this festival

Experience ‘Dancefestopia- Emerald City’, an incredibly magical 4 night festival where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. DFT is surrounded by rolling hills, lakes and a magical forest just south of Kansas City.


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