Eindhoven, Netherlands

14 July 2018

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  • After 8 magical editions in Belgium, Daydream Festival will move to Aquabest in the Netherlands. Back to a perfect dream location, as we once started at the Zilvermeer in Mol. We can not wait to let the Netherlands daydream ... Ready to dream with your eyes open on 14 July 2018?

    Lineup 2018


    Daydream Flavien Zebzda
    Daydream Abdessalam Adil
    Daydream Dylan Dizzy Ordonez
    Daydream Bjorn Podeszwa
    Daydream Goele Verstreken
    Daydream Marcel Müller
    Daydream Stefan Cleirbout
    Daydream Ramie Mia Karali
    Daydream Pedro Silva
    Daydream Bertrand Heurtebise
    Daydream Laurie Ginale
    Daydream HP Eduardo

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