Denver Comes Alive
Denver Comes Alive

About this festival

“We are very excited that Live for Live Music is bringing the concept of Brooklyn Comes Alive to Denver at the new Mission Ballroom,” expresses Scott Morrill, AEG talent buyer and owner of Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. “The Denver music scene is very accepting of new creative collaborations, so I feel like this concept is going to go over very well here. All the bands on Denver Comes Alive are never-been-done before collaborations, so fans will be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“Brooklyn Comes Alive was inspired by the unique musical community of New Orleans, where on any given night, especially during Jazz Fest, you can see once-in-a-lifetime supergroups, collaborations, and surprise sit-ins from locals and legends alike,” adds Kunj Shah, founder of Live For Live Music and the visionary behind the day-long festival’s concept. “Doing a version of BCA in Denver was a no brainer…The Denver music scene is unstoppable right now. We get some of the greatest music in the world on any given night, some of the best music venues in the nation, and an inexplicable amount of fans all over the city that support the arts.”


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