Lakeside Weekend

Lakeside Weekend

Agárd, Hungary

5 - 9 July 2018

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  • Huge American cars, rock and roll, cool cats and chicks, four days in the land of dreams, we're away from home so anything goes, bands coming from Hungary and abroad, mega-gigs in the festival tent when the sun goes down, all the stuff that brings people together, lots of "What'll you have?" and "Gimme some!", heading to the beach during the day, tough guys lying in the shade, sound carries over water, so be careful with your "Never again" hungover moans, feeling amorous (usually at night), feeling sick (usually around noon), camping by the water, pitching tents in more ways than one, and for twenty-five years the most awaited summer program for rockin' fans and those who just want to go crazy for a weekend. Speaking of which, the little girls conceived at the first event are big girls now, and look just as good eating pancakes on a lakeside bench as their mothers did back in '93...


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