Rudkøbing, Denmark

20 - 27 July 2019

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  • Families, Friends, Colleagues, Couples, Singles, Preschoolers, Young, Old, Old People Feeling Young, Young People Feeling Old, Handball Friends, Teammates - We Can Get On ... The atmosphere at Langelands Festival is characterized by happy guests and committed volunteers - Open people where everyone is welcome!

    If you are excited to enjoy yourself and like to hear some great music, along with other beautiful people, you should note week 30 in your calendar. It is the week where more than 25,000 people go fishing trips to one of Denmark's most beautiful islands, to enjoy the gathering and holiday atmosphere.

    Previous Performing Artists

    We don't know the artists yet.


    Langelands Mathias Oliver Clausen
    Langelands Mladen Cipek Jørgensen
    Langelands Malte Friis Højberg
    Langelands Thomas Wibom
    Langelands Jon Rasmussen
    Langelands Michael Schwabe

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