Lost Village

Lost Village

Lincolnshire, England

22 - 25 August 2019

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  • A surreal world, misplaced in the sands of time.

    As you navigate its leafy corridors, you’ll encounter all manner of unusual people and places. An array of the world’s finest music resonates from areas such as the Forgotten Cabin, Abandoned Chapel and Junkyard, whilst hidden spaces, secret performances and unforeseen escapades lie around every corner.

    Lost Village is a kaleidoscopic world of experiences. Incredible food, comedy in the Lost Theatre, wood-fired hot tubs and yoga by the Lake of Tranquility, tribal banquets with world-renowned chefs, captivating talks at the Institute of Curious Minds and so much more besides. One minute you’re dancing to disco under a canopy of leaves, the next you’re face-to-face with the village’s native inhabitants.
    The woods are waiting...

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    Lost Village Fani Supertramp
    Lost Village Lee Waites
    Lost Village Joann McHugh
    Lost Village João Alvarez
    Lost Village Samantha Shapiro
    Lost Village Jack Norfolk
    Lost Village Sarah Burton
    Lost Village Leanne Gale

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