Mutek Barcelona
Mutek Barcelona

About this festival

MUTEK is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and diffusion of digital creativity in sound, music and audiovisual art. Its mandate is to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists who currently work in their fields, with the intention of providing an initiation and discovery outlet for the public it seeks to develop.

Since its inception in Montreal more than a decade ago, the MUTEK festival has distinguished itself as an international meeting of original and avant-garde programming. In terms of content, the scope of the festival strives to be different, with a strong interest in the experimental sector and the ludic side of digital creativity.

The festival's programming aims to create a sound space that serves to support innovation in electronic music and digital art. We are in a world in constant evolution and of incessant perfectionism - the "MU" in MUTEK consciously refers to the notion of "mutation".


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