Gdynia, Poland

3 - 6 July 2019

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  • Open'er Festival is a huge four-day festival held each year in the north of Poland. Unrivalled in size anywhere in the country, the festival consistently boasts lineup of the world's biggest rock, indie, alternative, rap and pop acts.

    Now in it's 17th year, Open'er has welcomed everyone from Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys to Snoop Dogg and Drake to the military airfield it calls home.

    This year, Gorillaz and Bruno Mars are among those adding their names to that esteemed list of performers, as they prepare to take to the stage at one of Europe's most respected festivals.


    Open'er Nicram Ikswokłaiwhc
    Open'er José Duarte Pereira
    Open'er Mathias Oliver Clausen
    Open'er Tomasz Wlaźliński
    Open'er Michał Kowalik
    Open'er Milda Mil
    Open'er Sabrina Karina T
    Open'er Tata Arbuzova
    Open'er Volodymyr Pasyaka
    Open'er Samantha Schena
    Open'er Paulina Miałkas
    Open'er Valentin Verschueren
    Open'er Ola Skrzyniarz
    Open'er Kat Fox
    Open'er Alina Stebletsova
    Open'er Ted Möller
    Open'er Samantha Kathleen Findlay
    Open'er Kamil Robert Czapelski
    Open'er Krzysztof Fkt
    Open'er Gregor Ja
    Open'er Victor Firkowski
    Open'er Głowski Filip
    Open'er Angelika Jackowska
    Open'er Marcin Ciesielski
    Open'er Krzysiek Nowicki
    Open'er Anna Dylicka
    Open'er Pedro Nascimento Pato
    Open'er Tetiana Buchok
    Open'er Klaudia Avellino
    Open'er Natalia Uspenskaya
    Open'er Leanne Gale
    Open'er Kim Winsløw

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