OUT.FEST Miguel Amado
OUT.FEST Vicente Pinto
OUT.FEST Ricardo Martinho Gonçalves
OUT.FEST Sérgio Costa
OUT.FEST H Carreira Malato
OUT.FEST Frederico Batista
OUT.FEST Hugo Moreira
OUT.FEST Gonçalo Gonçalves
OUT.FEST Francisco Pereira
OUT.FEST Inês Lourenço
OUT.FEST Ana Camões
OUT.FEST Joao Duarte Albuquerque
OUT.FEST Eduardo Conceição
OUT.FEST Ludmila Queirós
OUT.FEST Luis Santos
OUT.FEST Miguel Santos
OUT.FEST Paulo Vilela
OUT.FEST Cristina Carvalho
OUT.FEST Ana Rodrigues
OUT.FEST Diogo Branco
OUT.FEST Sara Morbey Mesquita
OUT.FEST Diogo Zsz
OUT.FEST Inês Neffe Leitão
OUT.FEST Pedro Miguel Ferreira
OUT.FEST Ricardo Monteiro
OUT.FEST Luis Pedro
OUT.FEST Miguel Fernandes
OUT.FEST Adriano Popielarz Guerreiro
OUT.FEST Bárbara Dias
OUT.FEST Paulo Neves
OUT.FEST Renato Pereira
OUT.FEST Tiago Franco

About this festival

Welcome to the 16th edition of OUT.FEST!

Since 2004, we have brought to Barreiro music which is new, challenging, unclassifiable, original.

Over thirty venues throughout the city have welcomed, over the course of these 15 years, several hundred artists from every continent, representing different generations, aesthetics and conceptions of Music and Sound as forms of expression and of profound personal and social transformation.

Over the course of three days, we will welcome 26 performances by musicians from many countries and continents, through the increasingly blurred (and progressively less important) boundaries between jazz, rock, improvisation, hip-hop, noise, urban, electronic and contemporary music, through an entire world of possibilities which are meant to be explored and witnessed NOW.
Three days celebrating Music as adventure and exploration, and Barreiro as a stage for gestures of bravery, nonconformity and generosity.

Join us!

Lineup 2019


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