Parookaville Takkie Boom
Parookaville Rockenaufsocken Annika
Parookaville Huang Chang
Parookaville Shane Lucey
Parookaville Nico Von de Leyen
Parookaville Hugo Ldp
Parookaville Lerato Lukusa
Parookaville Brigitte Herden
Parookaville Nico Mehnert
Parookaville Philip Butler
Parookaville Samantha Schena
Parookaville Isi Jens
Parookaville Kez Brooks
Parookaville Patricia Singer
Parookaville Chantal Ba
Parookaville Stan Ley
Parookaville Michelle Ze
Parookaville Saskia Ensel
Parookaville Heike Baumeister
Parookaville Niklas Mattern
Parookaville Nils Elbl
Parookaville Janni Katemann
Parookaville Charly Coderch
Parookaville Raskin Raphael
Parookaville Julia Hildebrandt
Parookaville Marc Herden
Parookaville Eric Prussak
Parookaville Vera Dnabgel
Parookaville Tanja Keller
Parookaville José Ricardo
Parookaville Alex Costa
Parookaville Uwe Penske
Parookaville Paul Griebenow
Parookaville Markus Mäusezahl
Parookaville Drew Ramsay
Parookaville Bertrand Heurtebise
Parookaville Camilla O'Rourke
Parookaville Alex Cso Qio
Parookaville George Jäger
Parookaville Randy Loeffler
Parookaville Nils Hennefeld
Parookaville Alina Taylor
Parookaville David Pinto
Parookaville James Weaver
Parookaville Inga von Borstel
Parookaville Lukas Pooch
Parookaville Alecs Alex
Parookaville Hasan Olcay Öztürk
Parookaville Paldy Paldan
Parookaville Maximilian Wießmeier
Parookaville Jibbi Jibsten
Parookaville Desirée Belß
Parookaville Cindy Steinhagen
Parookaville Joanna Voigt
Parookaville Angela Booß
Parookaville Daniel Kraus
Parookaville Jacki Henning
Parookaville Anne Stollberger
Parookaville Jordan Worthy
Parookaville Flavwv Chill
Parookaville Alexander Hauswald
Parookaville Andrew Callaghan
Parookaville Charlotte Court
Parookaville Adele Jones
Parookaville Jamie Matthew Clark
Parookaville Alex Crtn
Parookaville Jordan Russell

About this festival

PAROOKAVILLE is the biggest electronic music festival in Germany, creating a city ruled by madness, love and pure happiness alongside some of dance music's biggest artists.

Built around the mythology of founding father Bill Parooka and the town named in his honour, the festival is bursting with creativity, from spectacular stage design down to the smaller details like the PAROOKAVILLE Post newspaper and passports for each of its 'citizens'.

Musically, each area of the ad hoc town hosts its own flavour of electronic music, with stages covering techno, hardstyle, trap, bass and more to accompany the house and EDM that is predominant on the breathtaking main stage.

Recent editions have seen the likes of Armin van Buuren, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, David Guetta and Brennan Heart perform.

Add to that a swimming pool, funfair, surrounding woodland and countless other creative wonders, and the result is a truly captivating music festival experience.

Announced Artists 2019




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