Lostallo, Switzerland

17 - 21 July 2019

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  • Shankra Festival offers a 5 day experience, in an uplifting natural ambience below the summer sky, to celebrate life and to connect with people from all over the world. As a musical journey, the line up will progressively develop with care, love and energy.

    Shankra Festival offers you a beautiful camping area in the middle of a valley which is crossed by river Moesa and surrounded by the mountains. The camping area will be marked and there is enough space provided for all participants.

    For a comfortable camping experience don’t forget to bring some warm clothes for the night time when it can get a little cold and also bring waterproof clothes, ponchos and shoes to keep yourself dry in case of rain. Your tent will be your new home for 5 days. Camping area is equipped with showers and toilets.

    Previous Performing Artists

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    Shankra Enrico Baldo
    Shankra Clement Boulet
    Shankra Way-Way Lēnã
    Shankra Florian Lauterbach
    Shankra Fani Supertramp
    Shankra Thierry Saïz
    Shankra Eroma Jarmas
    Shankra Sarah D. Lepidoptera
    Shankra Anjélic Gómez
    Shankra Rémi Tonnelé
    Shankra Nolan Shackelsworth
    Shankra Kaykyy Spliff
    Shankra Linas Kriščiūnas
    Shankra Cristiana Lopes
    Shankra Filipe Correia
    Shankra Bernardo Oliveira
    Shankra Gonçalo Gonçalves
    Shankra Daniel Göppert
    Shankra Marcelo Silva
    Shankra Markus Mäusezahl
    Shankra Elliott Rs
    Shankra Ricardo Silvestre
    Shankra Drew Ramsay
    Shankra Alisson Fiancette
    Shankra Jamal Pur
    Shankra Alina Taylor
    Shankra Riki Matias Mati
    Shankra Riccardo Dal Mas
    Shankra Shanti Shanti
    Shankra Hugo Godelet
    Shankra Audrey Rnd
    Shankra Vika Brunner
    Shankra Sandra Zeugin

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