Slot Art

Slot Art

Lubiaz, Poland

10 - 14 July 2018

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  • We are talking about the diversity, uniqueness of the slot. That Slot is SZCZELINA, an alternative. We are talking about the atmosphere and people that there are others here: open, friendly, committed and helpful. And when the Slot ends, we return to the "gray reality" and wait for the next one. We can not wait.

    Or maybe let's try - such an experiment - look at the Slot as an ordinary city. After all, this is not just a feast in the middle of the forest. It is raining here sometimes, and we are tired too. After all, people go to work and classes, after work they meet with friends, go to the cinema, theater or concert, and at night they play at the club. This city has its own cafes, restaurants, and even a library and post office.
    It's nothing that only exists a few days a year.

    Lineup 2018

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