Skanderborg, Denmark

7 - 11 August 2019

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  • Smukfest is an annual music festival, held during the first weekend of August in Denmark. Its location, in a beech forest in the vicinity of Skanderborg, has given rise to the slogan "Denmarks' Most Beautiful Festival".

    The festival covers many styles of music, such as rock, pop, folk, heavy metal, hip-hop and electronic. The festival focuses mainly on Danish music, but with some big names from other countries e.g. Britney Spears, Eric Clapton, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Jones, Fat Boy Slim, Blood Hound Gang and many more.

    The first festival was held in 1980, and was a one-day event with 7 bands and about 600 spectators.

    Previous Performing Artists

    We don't know the artists yet.


    Smukfest André Cruz
    Smukfest Emil Elias Drechsler
    Smukfest Huang Chang
    Smukfest James Rice
    Smukfest Sabrina Karina T
    Smukfest Ditte Ganer-Kaasgaard
    Smukfest Nagore Rodriguez
    Smukfest Andre Filipe
    Smukfest Marc Mayland Jensen
    Smukfest Christian Engelstoft
    Smukfest Helle Brix Sjøgren
    Smukfest Heidi Willer
    Smukfest Jacob Kristoffer Dalgaard
    Smukfest Anita Abrahmsen
    Smukfest Jon Rasmussen
    Smukfest Michael Schwabe
    Smukfest Birgitte Sangill
    Smukfest Lasse Johansen
    Smukfest Peter Burholt
    Smukfest Irene Larsen John
    Smukfest Andreas Hattenbach
    Smukfest Søren Molin
    Smukfest Vilhelm Lindbjerg Lange

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