Sound Of Nature
Sound Of Nature

About this festival

Through numerous projects, New Sound has hosted leading names from the field of electronic music such as Sasha Carassi, Enrico Sangiuliano, Siniša Tamamović, Christian Smith, Bart Skils, Julian Jeweil and many local and regional stars.
Guided by the positive experience and feedback of the participants and audiences of the first "Sound of Nature" Festival we decided to organize the second but this time in a new location and with new content. As I call it the name 'Nature ) '' as a new ideal location, Ilinčica is an old place of excursions, almost forgotten place for gathering citizens of Tuzla and this is an ideal opportunity to revitalize this part of the city, restore the tradition of cultural and recreational activities, and develop ecological awareness and maintenance of the natural assets of the town of Tuzla.


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