Cologne, Germany

5 - 7 July 2019

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  • The Summerjam Festival takes place every year on the first weekend of July in Cologne at the Fühlinger See. 3 days relaxed celebrations - 2 open-air stages, dancehall Arena, chill out zone, Bazar etc.

    Previous Performing Artists

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    Summerjam Bruno Cerqueira
    Summerjam Blee Gijoe
    Summerjam Tahira Mira
    Summerjam Josie Dalke
    Summerjam Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Summerjam Giorgio Bloeck
    Summerjam Nico Mehnert
    Summerjam Chaleen Lila
    Summerjam Thorsten Müller
    Summerjam Stan Ley
    Summerjam Heike Baumeister
    Summerjam Tiago Moreira
    Summerjam Julia Hildebrandt
    Summerjam Russo Rodrigues
    Summerjam Marc Herden
    Summerjam Jens Talib
    Summerjam Raj Yomi Akanni
    Summerjam André Eckweiler
    Summerjam Jan Ferdinand
    Summerjam Max Nau
    Summerjam Lilly Falger
    Summerjam Wanida Trogh
    Summerjam Mark Altena
    Summerjam Eddie J. Stine
    Summerjam George Jäger
    Summerjam Nele Niechziol

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