Up To Date
Up To Date

About this festival

Up To Date Festival is a one of a kind platform where music meets other realms of art. Electronic Dance Music and uncommon hip-hop mix with one another involving sometimes very distant cultural projects to erect a desolete island standing tall on the sea of plastic and banality. All of this, blended with the unique feel of Podlachia guarantees experiences hard to be found anywhere else in the country.

Up To Date is an initiative created by people young by heart, but mature enough to take the challenge. We are supported by the City Office of Białystok and Podlachia Marshall Office.

As the organizers, we celebrate all that is new, uncharted, modern and fresh. Yet, at the same time we try to invite renowned artists, thanks to whom we hope to attract culture hungry visitors from all over Poland and neighbouring countries. Five different stages throughout the festival weekend ignited by musical energy, art shows, installations and audiovisual performances are only a small part of our plan, all of which you are a part of.

The festival is co-financed by the President of the city of Bialystok


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