There are two artists/groups called Kaito. A now defunct English indie band, KaitO, an electronic music producer Kaito, real name Hiroshi Watanabe.

Japanese electronic music producer Hiroshi Watanabe has released records on german label Kompakt under the name Kaito since 2001. A longer profile is availiable at the page for Hiroshi Watanabe. There is a complete discography @ discogs. Watanabe has also released material under the names QUADRA, Tread, nite system, and 32 Project. Read more on Last.fm

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Hiroshi Watanabe - Windows To The Universe
English Ver.「Mistletoe ~Where the Soul Lies Down~ // ミスルトウ~魂の宿り木~」cover by ✿ham 「●ω●」
kaito release your body

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