A Romanian teen folk band, created in 2003 by two girls vocals and one boy guitar player. They played at local festivities in their hometown Campina and around it, for almost two years. People loved them. They split up to follow their own, individual paths. The boy and one girl are still in the music business, with their band, The Sixtiees, and the other girl is a journalist. All that remains now from that little highscool project are two recorded carols, in their own, unique interpretation. Read more on

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Infinit feat. Yuzuf - SeitTag 1 (prod. Hijackers & Alekzthekid)
Infinit & Kofi Jones ft. Yuzuf - Heat (prod. NiNETY8 & Alekzthekid)
Infinit & Kofi Jones - Mehr (prod. Nisbeatz & Alekzthekid)

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