Go with the Glow: Five Nighttime Festival Ideas to Shine in the Crowd

Go with the Glow: Five Nighttime Festival Ideas to Shine in the Crowd

Most famous artist names on the music festival’s lineups perform during the night, accompanied by stunning visuals, lasers and light shows. And because the night time is definitely the right time to get the crazy dancing going, here’s some smart ideas for you to shine in the crowd and put yourself in tune with your favorite artist’s gigs!

But remember: it’s 2016 and we’re way beyond wearing the common glow in the dark bracelets or the old-school LED costumes. Using art and the newest painting technologies, self-expression has never been more accessible and glowing. Check this out:


Turn your body into a glowing art piece using hydrodynamics.

:: photo via blvisuals

You can have it done on both your skin and clothes, and it feels like nail polishing your entire body. The technology is simpler than it looks: acrylic paint floats on a fluid's surface, pigments are manipulated into patterns and designs, then colors are transferred directly upon dipping.

Don’t worry, the body-marbling paining is not permanent and it gets off as easy as a temporary tattoo. If you can’t get in contact soon with the creators of the technique – Black Light Visuals, try the DIY version and stand out from the crowd with a glowing artsy touch.

2. Bio-degradable Glitter

Photo via Ecosparkles

Glitter’s popularity is getting massive at the parties and festival scene these days, in it’s new ecological formula: the bio-degradable glitter, extracted from stone. Initially used as decorative plastic particles, mostly by circus performers, ravers or at the LGBT community events around the world, you might have noticed more party people around you using this ‘magic dust’ on their faces lately.

If you didn’t try it yet at your favorite festival, you should know there’s a good reason glitter scene is about to take off in 2017: it’s super-shiny in the right light, it’s awesome to play with and spread around, and it usually brings large smiles on other people’s faces. Call it the glitter effect…it’s simply irresistible and fun.

3. Black light tattoos

You need to be around some UV lamps for this one, but the effect is really spectacular. Especially if it integrates visible ink tattoos in the picture, creating a complex image that sparks in the dark. Black light tattoos are invisible in white light, but under the ultra-violet effect, boom - you’re coming straight out the Avatar family:

Photo via Pinterest

Black light tattoos definitely seem more ‘real’ than the UV paint. It’s advantages? It creates the perfect glowing illusion and you don’t need to show it off at all times, unlike common ink tattoos. Once the party night is over, you’ll instantly go back to your unspoiled look.

4. Light toys

If you like juggling and light accessories, this is the perfect glowing toy for you. It’s generally called Light Poi, it uses small batteries and has tens of patterns it can change into. It’s quite the thing for outdoor electronic music festivals and, though it looks complex, it’s easy to handle and play with. Just consider it your glowing hand extensions or wings, and everything will come as natural as daylight to you!

5. Neon Black Light Fashion

If you don’t want to involve either your skin or to wear accessories, there’s plenty hi-tech clothes out there to make your glowing appearance possible. Self-glowing fabrics, UV reflective garments and glow in the dark paint for clothes are accessible and quite affordable these days.

Photo via Singapore Night Festival

Think, for example, of Björk’s glowing jelly fish concert outfit. Wouldn’t it be fun to fit in this kind of set up, being there in the public?

Photo via Santiago Felipe

If you also like to ‘go with the glow’ at music festivals, send us a message with your personal shiny suggestions on our Facebook page, where you can definitely find where to put some more glowing ideas into practice. Love music festivals and Shine on!