Humans of Strawberry Fields Festival 2016 in Instagram Photos

Humans of Strawberry Fields Festival 2016 in Instagram Photos

One of a kind australian festival experience is most definitely Strawberry Fields celebration near Melbourne, where hot party people blend into the warmth of spring and music performances, held by more that 150 international and local artists, make the euphoric dance scenes tremble.



Held between 17th to 20th of November this year, the festival just ended in wild success, so let's have a look at the beautiful party people, best artists of the lineup and the general vibe that makes this festival unique and worth to attend in the years to come.



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This disco hatter seems to enjoy shining on the dance ring. Pimping doff hats is in fashion at Strawberry Fields this year, and no wonder people love it: there's a sense of cuteness in every smiling face under those funny hats.



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Happy campers seem to pop up everywhere. Putting up the tent looks like an easy job when you're rapidly getting in the festival spirit. 



And they have the looks, allright...


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Especially when the weather gets super-hot...

But not all was sunny and easy to handle; even though there was a torrential downpour during the week-end, Strawberry Fields stayed enjoyable from start to finish.



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This particularly muddy time of the day was very well caught in this picture, and contains a few chaotic key-elements to make an accurate impression about the crazy vibe: a flooded dance ring, a passed out guy and the not so worried crowds, partying on. It definitely qualifies for our all-times muddy business top festivals.  



But with a little shiny help from these glittery friends, the dance ring is getting full and ready to party hard again. Sun's shining again!

New talents, funky bands and DJ's took the music stages to its maximum potential. Check out the whole Strawberry Fields 2016 music line-up here. There were also a number of new age and conceptual performances, and some insanely talented mural artists around.



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Here's a short video with incredible Stephan Bodzin's DJ set. Probably one of the festival's best experiences, as the crowd confesses.



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Hula hoop dancers and jugglers completed the scenario of good old partying times at the psychedelic trance stage. This three-hula-dancer is quite something, isn't she?



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If you're into some weird partying and loads of cheerful people, we definitely recommend you not to miss Strawberry Fields Festivals 2017 edition. Ticket  prices are between 189$ - 259$ , depending on the time you purchase it. There's amazing camping places and limited access by car. 

Figure it out for yourself on , but we're sure this festival worths all you attention.