Looking For The Best 2017 EDM Festivals in Europe?

Looking For The Best 2017 EDM Festivals in Europe?

It’s time for Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts to keep their minds from wandering and decide on stuff they want to experience in the fast approaching 2017. EDM festival-goers, we know it's a hard choice!

Next year brings plenty of opportunities, so festivals that want to make a difference need to get over business as usual and show what they have to offer in the light of the whole EDM experience. 

We know too many options can be confusing, that’s why you might start your favourite festival journey by reading these suggestions for best 2017 EDM Festivals in Europe:

Staged in countryside between Brussels and Antwerp, Tommorowland EDM Festival has emerged as one of the biggest and most popular music events in the world.

Belgium’s most magnificent festival has harboured an undisputed reputation of being the most looked forward to EDM event of the year. Tomorrowland is definitely ahead in the ranks and tickets sell out within minutes of release.

Expect extravagant sets, giant stages like no others and crazy light shows. Tomorrowland's main stage has become an icon in itself, and its ambitious designs each year helps to make the festival venue instantly acclaimed around the world.

Along its eclectic, eccentric stages you'll find several lakes, a river running under a newly built bridge designed by a Belgian artist and a huge, slowly revolving wheel. As night falls the lights from the stage and the colourful street artists create a magical atmosphere. 

Promoting local artists and products is an important part of the festival's ambitions. But most of the best international DJ’s and live music artists land here every year.

Tickets are to be found here when the sales start.

The European Festival brother of Ultra Miami in the United States has done so well for the crowds and music artists, that surley deserves every electronic dance music fan's attention in the year to come. The Croatian chapter of the Ultra franchise is a three-day monster of fireworks, drops and barriers packed to bursting point with some more than 180,000 people visiting in the last two editions, and located inside the Cold War spacecraft vibes of Poljud Stadium.

:: Photos via Ultra Europe ::

Its lineups stand proud amongst the genre's favourites, including DJ's such as Guetta, Garrix, Alesso or Tiesto. Ultra Europe it's not only about the blending-into-the-vibe and listening to music with your eyes closed.

It's an energetic dance tribute to party lifestyle and a huge social event for the EDM community. 

First round of early-bird tickets are sold out, but there's still more to go at reduced prices in round two. Grab your own here!

  • Mysteryland - Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands / 27 - 28 August 2017

Mysteryland began in 1993 and is the longest running dance festival in the world. The festival focuses on electronic music, art, culture, talent, and sustainability.

The approach of this old and experienced music festival is to to be more than just about music and dance, expressed through the Woodstock  Festival inspired slogan ‘peace - love - music’.

The Dutch festival has been a launching ramp for many established DJ’s from the International Dance scene. The lineups meangle artists that are just about to start their music careers with famous names that come to play here for the enthusiastic crowds.

Last year’s headlining act was held by the Grammy Award Winning DJ, Afrojack.

Early bird ticket sales for 2017 edition will start on the 28th of February at 10:00 AM CET.

  • Creamfields – Warrington Cheshire, UK / 24 - 27 August

As the dance floor Mecca of British electronic music festivals, this really isn't a festival to be reserved at, everyone else will be loud, upbeat, and letting their hair down. And it will only annoy you if you don't do the same. It’s the perfect place to be a mess and not have any regrets afterwards, which means one thing: your inner party animal will be very happy!

Booze is the most common fuel, and the loud beats on the full stages of  partying people will make sure you rest your dancing demons when the festival finishes. Recommended for it’s insane attitude!

And of course, the lineups. The 2017 performing artists will soon be announced, so stay tuned!

Tickets can be purchased here.


  • RFM Somnii – Figueira da Foz, Portugal / 7 - 9 July 2017

Beautiful Relógio Beach in Figueira da Foz is home of RFM Somnii annual EDM partying and becomes a temporary stay for thousands of people. RFM SOMNII - O Maior Sunset de Sempre! aka The Biggest Sunset Ever, will salute you with a real expression of happiness, energy and festivity.

The festival has hosted famous EDM artists as Dubvision, Michael Calfan, Djay Rich or André Henriques. Tiesto is the first big confirmation artist for 2017.

So if you’re still afraid to go mainstream and really enjoy some electronic music in the hot sun, there’s still a fantastic atmosphere and joyful massive crowds to see, in the defense of some judgemental voices out there.

Find your ticket scheme here.

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