Muddy business or how to deal with dirt at the music festivals

Muddy business or how to deal with dirt at the music festivals

Most festivals happen in the great outdoors, which creates a random natural chance of being blown by wind, burned by the sun or getting wet because of the rain. And sometimes, you might be (un)lucky enough to literally dive through deep mud.

This last situation might be the less appealing, because if you don’t have a pair of gumboots or the famous Wellies to protect your feet, you will be mashing dirt with your favourite sneakers.

Let’s remember some festivals where dirt unavoidably became part of the lifestyle, and some places where ‘muddy times’ are still not easy to forget:

Glastonbury (UK, Pilton)


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The well known stereotype about the weather in UK justified itself on Glastonbury festival this year, causing a lot of trouble to everyone, but especially to festival goers. Unbearable amount of dirt as a result of 5 full-on raining days, made it extremely hard to leave the festival area. 


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When people made it to a parking spot they found their vehicles stuck in mud and had to push them or even ask tractors to help. 


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It was probably the muddiest festival in Glastonbury history but neither the rain nor the mud was able to prevent the attendants from having lots of fun. 


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Some of them decided to return to childhood and take a spontaneous muddy bath. Why not?  If mother won’t see it, no one is going to stop you!

Standard tickets for Glastonbury 2017 were sold out in 50 minutes after sales started. Resale of all returned tickets will be in spring of 2017, so stay tuned!


Nashestvie (Russia, Bolshoe Zavidovo)

Visitors of this rock-festival got kinda used to mashing mud year after year, and they are well prepared for any kind of weather surprises. 

On the other hand, after a rainy summer day it may become extremely hot .The sun mercilessly burns russian rockers. In 2016, around one thousand people needed medical help due to severe sunburns and some of them were urgently taken to the nearest hospital.

To chill the crowd organisers used water cannons that not just helped people to survive the heat, but also made the hot festival experience much more fun.


BOREYONG MUD FESTIVAL (South Korea, Boryeong)


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While for some festivals mud is accidental, some of them build the whole concept around it. Of course it has to be more than just mud and it is.

Considered rich in minerals this mud is used to manufacture cosmetics and the festival itself was conceived for marketing purposes. 

Surprisingly fast, this festival started to attract more and more tourists every year and become an international mud feast. 


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If you still need an excuse to get dirty it is the perfect place to do so. You are not only letting your inner child out but also benefit from the healing Boreyong mud. 

Mud pool, mud slides, mud prison and mud skiing competitions and all of it along with great music. Asia is not that rich on music festivals but this one is definitely worth to check.


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It is always easy to get upset with shitty weather on a music festival, but you can always minimise it by taking all the necessary things with you. 

Check out the festival websites, sometimes they have a very good advice on what to bring or even a packing list as Glastonbury does.