Aarhus Jazz
Aarhus Jazz

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When the Aarhus Jazz Festival in 1989 was settled for the first time, the purpose was multi-stringency. Firstly, the initiators - the Aarhus Music House and a number of other venues / organizers in the city - would create an event with both international heavyweights and the new talent in the jazz scene. And in addition, at that time, Aarhus was somewhat close to death during the summer at a time with lots of potential jazz guests - both in terms of residents and tourists.

Today, summer-Aarhus is different, but the original ambition of the jazz festival to present both the giraffes and the new talents and flows in the quality jazz consist. It is this strategy that always makes the program for the Aarhus Jazz Festival both unpredictable and well-known and it is the strategy that the festival has truly gained international reputation in recent years and not only appears as a subdivision of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival , but, on the other hand, lives its completely independent existence.

Like all healthy festivals, the Aarhus Jazz Festival is in development. The whole town is backing up around the eight jazz days, more and more organizers come to, and the year's edition is also the largest to date.


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