Aluk Todolo

Aluk Todolo

Since forming in 2004 in Paris, Aluk Todolo have had the goal to create a timeless, organic mix of krautrock’s strangeness and black metal’s coldness, combining Striborg with Faust, Burzum with This Heat, S.V.E.S.T. with Paul Chain, or Ildjarn with Can. Aluk Todolo conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. By reducing psychedelic improvisation to a bare Read more on

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19 - 21 Август 2016

Porto, Portugal

19 Август 2016
Время неизвестно
Cave 45

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Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock II
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