Couleur Cafe

Couleur Café is a global music festival held in the Belgian capital city of Brussels. Now in its 29th year, the festival is one of Belgium's oldest and best loved.

Primarily celebrating African and Caribbean rhythms and the contemporary genres that these have gone on to influence, the lineup is absolutely packed with talent from all over the world playing reggae, hiphop, soul, funk, blues, samba, salsa, kuduro, dancehall and so much more.

Now settled into its beautiful new home in the city's Ossegempark, the festival's musical and visual vibrancy brings splash of colour to the natural surroundings, as music fans from all over the world unite to celebrate inclusivity, diversity and fantastic global rhythms.


Couleur Cafe Nathalie Filliers
Couleur Cafe Leonie Dre
Couleur Cafe Blee Gijoe
Couleur Cafe Thierry Saïz
Couleur Cafe Manu Simon
Couleur Cafe Manuel Freschi
Couleur Cafe Elodie Bendahou
Couleur Cafe Victor Firkowski
Couleur Cafe Dirk Gerda Cornelis Meynckens
Couleur Cafe Wanida Trogh
Couleur Cafe Julie Marchal
Couleur Cafe Jesse Ma
Couleur Cafe Theo Mizutani
Couleur Cafe Victor Ben-Ayed
Couleur Cafe Philippine Vrins
Couleur Cafe Fien De Bruycker

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