Copenhagen, Denmark

29 - 31 Май, 1 - 2 Июнь 2019

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  • Distortion is a multi-genre, city wide music festival/party in Copenhagen. Consisting of three parts, Distortion Club, Distortion Ø and Street Parties, the festival is spread throughout the Danish capital, taking many shapes and forms.

    Every year, Copenhagen is transformed into a party utopia, with happenings of all shapes and sizes popping up everywhere.

    Distortion's wide-ranging musical offerings are centred around dance music, with lineups ranging from emerging talent to some of the most respected names in the business.

    With more than 100,000 visitors per day, the festival is one of the biggest in the world and can only be described as organised chaos.

    This is one for the bucket list.

    Previous Performing Artists

    Исполнители пока неизвестны.


    Distortion Andre Filipe
    Distortion André Cruz
    Distortion Mathias Oliver Clausen
    Distortion Dimitar Emilov Dimitrov
    Distortion Steffen Jensen
    Distortion Figgy Rose
    Distortion Marc Mayland Jensen
    Distortion Schniti Schroers
    Distortion Martin Anx Schøn
    Distortion Michelle Overbye Green
    Distortion Heri Í Ravnagjógv
    Distortion Jon Rasmussen
    Distortion Pedro Correia
    Distortion Thomas Wibom
    Distortion Fab Cor
    Distortion Annette Reinhardt Njombua
    Distortion Laurent Veilleux
    Distortion Peter Binne Larsen

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