Shy & Drs

Shy & Drs

SHY & DRS were born in Aberdeen, Scotland 2nd of November 1984. The Scottish TWINS began Writing Rhymes and Producing back in 1999 and have since carried their weight a Long Way in the Industry...

After putting the work in, releasing demos & owning their local scene SHY & DRS were soon noticed for their lyrical ability and after remixing a very popular Akon record & Gaining Airplay all around the globe, they were picked up by UK Indie label Guardian Angels records founded by platinum singer/songwriter Sandi Thom. Read more on

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SHY & DRS - I've Got (Enough Love) ft. Nazareth
SHY & DRS - Born Again (feat. Christina Novelli)
SHY & DRS - Beautiful To Me ft. Janet Devlin

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