The TAXI from Oporto players are back and they come to the Flower Power Fest Cascais.

The Band returns to the road and releases the single "Reality Show"! They play on Saturday, August 5, to close the festival that was affirmed in the panorama of the festivals of summer. The announcement of the presence of the TAXI in the Flower Power Fest Cascais, is arousing a great interest near the festivals, having originated that the Video views of the new TAXI theme had already surpassed 140,000 in just a few days. Https:// The theme is becoming viral. The TAXI, the Portuguese pop-rock band that won the first Portuguese Rock Album (1981, with the album "TAXI"), returns to the road with great concerts and great songs. ), Rui Taborda (bass), Ricardo Cavalera (guitar) and Hugo Pereira (drums). It is recalled that the band originally from Porto recorded five albums of originals, among them "Cairo", also Gold, which was considered by Jornal Público to be one of the best albums of Portuguese music ever. TAXI return to the stages with hits, Chiclete, Cairo, Vida de Cão, Rosete, among others, that have made them one of the most charismatic bands of Portugal The new "Reality Show" is a TAXI-style song, which is being very well received both in the music media and by the general public, just read the official TAXI Facebook page post. "The passion with which we make music, with the evolution and amad Natural urecimento of our experience "(João Grande - vocalista). The TAXI continue to show in this release single the claw for the music that has always moved them, a strong rhythm and a letter demonstrating a sharp vision of our society.

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