Always slightly-too-good-for-this-world Irish group that smoothly blends all manner of acoustic instrumentation, clever-clever chords and vivid, literary-leaning texts into lush, folk-tinged acoustic rock. Released four albums: Scullion, 1979 Balance and Control, 1981 White Side of Night, 1983 Spin, 1985 Line-up for first album: Greg Boland, Sonny Condell, Philip King, Jimmy O'Brien Moran. Recorded next two albums as trio after O'Brien Moran left. Read more on

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Folkfest Killarney

7 - 9 Июль 2017

Killarney, Ireland

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Ballroom Stage

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Scullion - Jump
Scullion - Avoid My Eyes
Scullion - Eyelids Into Snow