The captain clears the anchor: With his friends from the port of Mannheim he leaves on 2 days a really neat Fete from the stack. Harbor 49 mood, but in big!

The premiere of the harbor festival last year showed us: The harbor festival has come to stay! The Mannheim harbor is yours this weekend. It is time again to celebrate the place that makes the charm and the effect of the parties: The ambience of the Mannheim harbor!

Previous Performing Artists

Исполнители пока неизвестны.


Hafenfestival Eric Prussak
Hafenfestival Dominik Doman Tomczak
Hafenfestival Jamal Pur
Hafenfestival Maximilian Wießmeier

Музыкальный фестиваль Hafenfestival из Germany на FestivAll.

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