Thrudvangar is a German viking black metal band formed in Köthen, Sachsen-Anhalt in 1998. They self-released the Vorab-CD demo in 2003, following it up the next year with the full-length Ahnenthron on the label Vision & Reality. In 2006, Thrudvangar released their second album, titled Walhall. 2007 saw the release of the band's third full-length album, Zwischen Asgard Und Midgard, put out on Einheit Produktionen. The following year, Thrudvangar participated in a split 7" with the Russian band Nomans Land; then Read more on

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24 Февраль 2018

Harburg, Germany

18 Февраль 2017
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Thrudvangar - Der letzte Weg (2013)
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Thrudvangar - Tiwaz |2013|