Hurricane Festival is one of Germany's biggest rock and pop festivals. Twinned with the younger Southside Festival, Hurricane has been at the top of its game for over two decades.

After a first edition in 1973, Hurricane took on a new name and came back with a vengeance in 1997, and has only gone from strength to strength ever since.

Huge artists and a die-hard following put Hurricane among the country's favourite weekends, with a really friendly and inclusive atmosphere one of the highlights.


Hurricane Julia Lang
Hurricane Lukas Westermann
Hurricane Kira Fenske
Hurricane Lotte Maluche
Hurricane João Torre
Hurricane Marei Fink
Hurricane Diogo Ferreira
Hurricane Krümelchen von Blubb
Hurricane Huang Chang
Hurricane Celina Balter
Hurricane Jacki Jam
Hurricane Franziska Göbel
Hurricane Kemal Erol
Hurricane Maren Reh
Hurricane Tata Arbuzova
Hurricane Brigitte Herden
Hurricane Nico Mehnert
Hurricane Volodymyr Pasyaka
Hurricane Thorsten-Simon Thoms
Hurricane Leo Nltng
Hurricane Ralf Schladitz
Hurricane Madlen Hoormann
Hurricane Thorsten Müller
Hurricane Stan Ley
Hurricane Marcel Müller
Hurricane Simo Steinkühler
Hurricane Anna Otto
Hurricane Gerrit Zutt
Hurricane Robin Schierholz
Hurricane Colin Kavanagh
Hurricane Saskia Ensel
Hurricane Tina Wepunkt
Hurricane Guillaume Ki Cambier
Hurricane Nastya Skoblova
Hurricane André Sauer
Hurricane Anika Lehwald
Hurricane Miguel Pinto
Hurricane Julia Hildebrandt
Hurricane Vera Fiebig
Hurricane Nikolai Börkel
Hurricane Pia Wilts
Hurricane Jan Ferdinand
Hurricane Noah Dircks
Hurricane Holger Michalowitz
Hurricane Dominik Roswodowski
Hurricane Oliver Guder
Hurricane Jan Wyr
Hurricane Oliver Finck
Hurricane Simon Tuschke
Hurricane Leonard Zimmer
Hurricane Jan Buchholz
Hurricane George Jäger
Hurricane Alina Taylor
Hurricane Sebastian Dochow
Hurricane Justin Lohaus
Hurricane Sina Schulze

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