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1) Sorcery is a death metal band from Gävle, Sweden, formed in 1986.
The band released three demos in the eighties, EP Rivers of the Dead in '90 and the full-length Bloodchilling Tales in '91. They split up in 1997.
In 2009 they made a comeback with Master of the Chains demo featuring 2 new tracks + 1 re-recorded old track, and released the 3 LP compilation Unholy Creations, containing all demos plus unreleased material (Unholy Creations was reissued in 2013 as a 2CD edition). Read more on

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11 Декабрь 2016 23:00 Little Devil

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SORCERY - The New Armageddon [2016]
Sorcery - 6. Snowshit
SORCERY - Holy Ground [2016]

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