There are three bands by the name "Thaw": 1. A Polish band who predominantly plays black metal with a mixture of drone, industrial and noise elements incorporated into the music. The band's lineup is: Maciek - Bass/Vocals , Art - Guitars , Piotr- synth , Greg - Drums Discography Decay Demo - Self-released, 2010 Advance ep demo ,2012 2. A one-album UK side project of Sam Dodson (Loop Guru and Loungeclash) and Jym Daly that created a unique mix of chants, world beats, psychedelic electronics, and acid jazz. Read more on

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Incubate Tilburg

10 - 11 Декабрь 2016

Tilburg, Netherlands

11 Декабрь 2016

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Dark Easter Metal Meeting

Dark Easter Metal Meeting

1 Апрель 2018
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