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Les Ardentes Iochem Morgane
Les Ardentes David Gridlet
Les Ardentes Djibril Fadiga
Les Ardentes Huang Chang
Les Ardentes Blee Gijoe
Les Ardentes Thierry Saïz
Les Ardentes Manu Simon
Les Ardentes Dorien De Block
Les Ardentes Noan Vreux
Les Ardentes Ramie Mia Karali
Les Ardentes Kylian Cheneau
Les Ardentes Wanida Trogh
Les Ardentes Sohane Certier
Les Ardentes Alex Cso Qio
Les Ardentes Mac RJ
Les Ardentes Joris Poppe
Les Ardentes Bourbix Aeryci
Les Ardentes Alice Gourmet
Les Ardentes Keyser Söze
Les Ardentes Aurélie Claus
Les Ardentes Chuck Loris Filée

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Les Ardentes is a four-day music festival in the city of Liège, Belgium. With a lineup completely unrestricted by genre, the festival regularly plays host to stars of rock, pop, rap, electronic music and more, showcasing international renowned acts alongside rising stars and exciting local talent.

Despite this eclecticism, the festival's ties to hip hop are almost unrivalled, annually showcasing some of the biggest names in the genre.

Held in the picturesque Parc Astrid on the banks of the river Meuse, the festival is increasingly staking a claim for being the region's best.

Лайн-ап 2019


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