Digital Punk

Digital Punk

Digital Punk, born as René de Bruijn in 1985, in Dordrecht, has become a respected DJ/Producer in the Hardstyle scene. With his own recognizable sound and unique DJ sets this energetic DJ knows how to get the crowds wild and euphoric, time and time again, which results in a growing number of followers.

In his career as DJ he has made name through successful gigs such as Defqon 1, Decibel, In Qontrol, Hardbass and Emporium… and with releases such as “Bringin the Funk” Read more on

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24 Март 2018 Время неизвестно Rulers of The Ring

Популярные видео

Radical Redemption & Digital Punk ft. MC Alee - Retaliate With Hate (HQ Official)
Radical Redemption & Digital Punk - Protest of Indignation (Official 4K Videoclip)
Digital Punk & Crypsis - Blood, Sweat & Tears (Radio Edit)