De Staat

De Staat

De Staat is a Dutch alternative rock band from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, formed in 2006. The band, fronted by songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer, Torre Florim, released four albums: Waiting For Evolution (2009), Machinery (2011), I_Con (2013) and O (2016). De Staat have been described by SonicAbuse as "genre-hopping Gremlins of the first order, who take in the eclectic, grand slamming funk of Beck, the dance grooves of Kelis’ Milkshake, the horny soul of QOTSA (. Read more on

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Nirwana Tuinfeest

18 - 20 Август 2017

Lierop, Netherlands

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Parkcity Live

Parkcity Live

8 Июль 2017
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2000 Trees

2000 Trees

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