Café Drechsler

Café Drechsler

Café Drechsler is an Austrian electro-jazz band, founded in 2000 and split in 2006 lead by saxophonist Ulrich Drechsler. The Group has been reformed in 2012

Current Members:
Ulrich Drechsler: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Philipp Jagschitz: keyboards/electronics;
David Helbock: keyboards/electronics, percussion
Patrick Zambonin: bass
Christian Eberle: drums, percussion

Past Members: Oliver Steger / Bass; Jörg Mikula / drums; DJ Zuzee / turntables; Read more on

Next Performances
7 Июль 2017 Время неизвестно Главная сцена

Популярные видео

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