In 2002 Jens Schefzig and Thorsten Paul met on a party and Jens told him that he has some Music-Equipment at home and Thorsten said, that he was able to play some instruments. So the Project KLOPFGEISTER was founded by accident. After lots of fun home sessions they played their first gig accidentally again, when Thorsten ( DJ Pauli) didn't have enough new Records for a DJ Gig, he asked Jens to go on stage with the Synthisizer. They were backed-up by a Guitar-player and singer, a Keyboarder, a drummer and a girl on a violin. Read more on Last.fm

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Paradise Winter

26 - 27 Январь 2018

Vienna, Austria

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Airbeat One

Airbeat One

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Second Stage (Day )
Burning Mountain

Burning Mountain

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