Chicago, Illinois, United States

20 - 22 Июль 2018

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  • Pitchfork Music Festival is an alternative music festival in Chicago. An online magazine covering the vanguard of the music scene, Pitchfork and its festival are about artistic ingenuity.

    In keeping with this approach, the festival's lineup is a mixture of legendarily influential acts and fresh youngsters bursting onto the scene.

    Taking over the spacious Union Park for the three day affair and known for its open and energetic atmosphere, Pitchfork Music Festival is music nerd heaven.

    Лайн-ап 2018


    Pitchfork André Cruz
    Pitchfork Sílvia Fernandes
    Pitchfork Huang Chang
    Pitchfork Patrick Donahue
    Pitchfork Savana Marie
    Pitchfork Jacob Teven
    Pitchfork Dakotah Jennifer
    Pitchfork Sam E. Lawrence
    Pitchfork Jake Kelso
    Pitchfork Staci Seber
    Pitchfork Christian Engelstoft
    Pitchfork Hannah Wright
    Pitchfork Fab Cor
    Pitchfork Emily Louise
    Pitchfork Letícia Pinheiro
    Pitchfork Ana Rodrigues
    Pitchfork Rake Mo
    Pitchfork Klaudia Avellino
    Pitchfork Briyanna Wilson
    Pitchfork Ronnie Dresden
    Pitchfork Lauren Budnick Drinker
    Pitchfork Leanne Gale

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