Bob Hund

Bob Hund

bob hund is a seven-piece rock band from Sweden. Swedish for "bob dog", their name was borrowed from a television cartoon character. Their music, hard to classify, is by some described as "a frantic celebration of the power of music to invigorate and give life."

The indie rock band started in autumn 1991 and the group as it is known today was formed within about half a year. The group consists of singer Thomas Öberg, guitarists Johnny Essing and Conny Nimmersjö, bassist Mats Hellquist, Jonas Jonasson on synths, and Mats Andersson on drums. Read more on

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bob hund – Hjärtskärande rätt
bob hund – Blommor på brinnande fartyg ft. Popkollo
bob hund - Tralala Lilla Molntuss, Kom Hit Ska Du Få En Puss (Allsång På Skansen)

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