Marcus Meinhardt

Marcus Meinhardt

Marcus Meinhardt was already in touch with music in his early youth. No later than the beginnings of the 90's, when techno started to establish in the german clubs, his passion for electronic music was lid and it became an elementary component of his life. It was then, when the autodeduct turned to an activist. As MUNA and later as a member of the SMS Team, he managed to enlarge his know-how in the domain of spinning records. Soon own ideas and projects followed- some finding their way into the capital: Heimspiel Read more on

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Rock Am Ring

1 - 3 Июнь 2018

Mendig, Germany

3 Июнь 2017
Beck's Club Tent

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Gunnar Stiller. Marcus Meinhardt - Feinherb (Original Mix)
Marcus Meinhardt - Endjoy
Marcus Meinhardt - Endjoy