Daniel WIRTZ is a German rock musician from Frankfurt. In 1999 he started his music career being the singer of the alternative rock band Sub7even. 9 years later he released his first solo album 11 Zeugen (English: 11 Witnesses), simply calling himself Wirtz. Since then he has released two more albums, Erdling (English: Earthling) in 2009 and Akustik Voodoo (English: Acoustic Voodoo) in 2011. Akustik Voodoo has been his most successful release so far, hitting position 5 of the German music charts. Read more on Last.fm

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Rock Im Park

1 - 3 Июнь 2018

Nürnberg, Germany

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Rock Am Ring

Rock Am Ring

3 Июнь 2017
Volcano Stage

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