Rastalians are Jurgen Kassel and Ralph Knobloch. Since about 13 years they are DJ´s. After 3 years with dj-ing, Jurgen and Ralph realised, that the records from other people were not enough for them. And look at this, since about 9 years they are producing their own psychedelic trance. Rastalians started in a small cellar with a little soundsystem. At the beginning project just used simple software-synthies and a small sequenzer-programm. Because of their limited possiblities, it was not easy for us to produce a good quality of sound. Read more on Last.fm

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10 - 15 Июль 2018

Lostallo, Switzerland

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Rastaliens - Evil ExtraTerrestrials
Rastaliens - Shapeshifter (Existence Remix)
04 Journey vs Rastaliens Psychedelic Fusion (Free-Spirit Records 2011)