Southside Festival is a huge rock and pop festival in southern Germany. Sister festival of Hurricane in the north, Southside pairs incredible lineups with a distinctive festival character to form one of the high points of the summer.

Unlike its northern counterpart, Southside tends to revel in great weather to match its impressive lineups.

Green Day, Linkin Park, Blink-182, Mumford & Sons, Deichkind and The Prodigy are just a few of the biggest names from recent years, though the rock and indie focus is also offset by superstar DJs like Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Boys Noize and crowd favourite Fritz Kalkbrenner.


Southside Julia Lang
Southside Jessica Piriquito
Southside Rockenaufsocken Annika
Southside Huang Chang
Southside Celina Balter
Southside Caro Hemminger
Southside Franziska Göbel
Southside Jimmy Eijkenboom
Southside Kemal Erol
Southside Indie Festivals Debut
Southside Brigitte Herden
Southside Nico Mehnert
Southside Volodymyr Pasyaka
Southside Michael Padula
Southside Stan Ley
Southside Marcel Müller
Southside Simo Steinkühler
Southside Gerrit Zutt
Southside Saskia Ensel
Southside Tina Wepunkt
Southside Nastya Skoblova
Southside Daniel Göppert
Southside Lilly Falger
Southside Simon Tuschke
Southside Daviska Borgnik
Southside Vivian Maier
Southside George Jäger

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